Ashley Namachanja, Bachelor of Arts in Communications

“When I first heard about this coronavirus, I admit, I brushed it off as an overrated cold and assumed it to be one of the media’s exaggerated headlines. The severity of it hit me as soon as ongoing examinations were put off indefinitely. Undoubtedly, the current pandemic has affected all aspects of my life. But the most affected part for me would be my spiritual life. Religion and faith, in my opinion, are things intimately part of the core of an individual that need to be nurtured every so often.

I grew up always looking forward to fulfilling my spiritual needs in the serenity and piety of a church, its lovely congregation of believers that always encouraged me while listening to both the healing musical choir and the priest’s homily. These past few weeks have been quite difficult for me because of failed attempts to fully readjust my body to digital worship. It is never the same as physically doing so. I miss everything about church, especially receiving Holy Communion. For the first time in my life, Palm Sunday was celebrated in my living room with nothing more to it than a virtual Mass. That was the moment my heart ached most.

My days have been very predictable and nostalgic. My daily routine revolves around the same African girl household chores and general work. What keeps me going is my hope that one day all this will be over. Besides that, there is also my faith in God. During these times, I try my best to get closer to God and work on that personal relationship: I developed a daily prayer schedule. I am currently reading the book of Job in the Bible after my close friend recommended it and I must say that his story of adversity is moving to say the least. Sometimes, I sit down and think of the Strathmore Chaplaincy priests, their firm beliefs and some of the many lessons I have gathered from their homilies and meditations; this keeps me anchored in Christ. There is something consoling about admiring those rooted in faith.

Thus, I would love to ignite a spark of hope in people’s hearts: Be still and know that God’s wonderful blessings after this period are yet to unfold.” #faithfromhome #hopelives 

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