Branson Liimo, Diploma in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship.

“With quarantine one is limited to the house and the lack of change in scenery for a long time is quite boring. As a result, I vent my boredom by playing the guitar.   Currently I know 7 new chords and the main strumming patterns.  The echoes of the music gives wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and a charm to sadness. It is the essence of order which leads to all that is good, just and beautiful.

On my life journey I not only want to be a business mogul but above all ‘a wonderful human being’. With the ever-changing world, choose to do good no matter the challenges life throws at you.  

I want to pursue the Bachelor of Commerce programme as soon as possible so the pandemic isn’t a reason for me to stop learning. Having finished my first semester online, I’m versatile with it and I am ready for the arena once more. Being off campus is a challenging; for now, I can only reminiscence about the campus environment and the presence of the Stratizen community.” Branson Liimo, Diploma in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship. #iamstrathmore #stayhome #keepsafe #keeplearning

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