Cynthia Mwangangi, Diploma in Business Management

Turning the pages of a book feels like a calm wind blowing on me while cycling. 

I enjoy long-distance cycling but books are my first love. Cycling offers me physical fitness while reading builds my mental wellbeing. So far I am on course to fulfill my challenge of reading a book weekly for a sum of at least 50 books by the end of the year. Currently, I am reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. However, from all my reads this year I can attest that information concerning artificial intelligence in Final Invention by James Barret has stood out for me. More often than not I read science fiction and self-help books. It is not easy to read daily but I am steadily gaining ground by being intentional in setting aside reading time and incorporating audiobooks to keep me on track. Over time, my reading speed has improved and I am enjoying it more.

 Even the most successful people are investing more to attain knowledge. 

As a young child, I grew around the business world. Now that I am older I want to not only watch others run their own but gain knowledge on how I can someday run my own. The knowledge I am gaining through my studies at Strathmore is helping me understand how to work with people of all walks of life, how to develop myself as a brand, and how to leverage technology in enhancing businesses beyond our borders. It is true to say that most self-taught people get most of their knowledge from books. Even the most successful people are investing more to attain knowledge. This is enough motivation to keep me hooked on books. 

A passion that keeps giving.

Reading allows me to travel where I cannot go physically. It also opens up my mind to various world views so I am well informed on what is happening around the world. With that said I have to find a balance between reading for leisure and reading for my studies. So I have set a schedule for study time and novel time.  In other moments a sneak into my novel for a few minutes will jumpstart my textbook reading so I can study for longer and comprehensively. Books feed my mind and that offered a great escape in 2020 when the pandemic hit and time was on our hands. 

For those looking to start reading, find books on what you are passionate about. It’s a page-turner when you engage a book that speaks to you while it minimizes your stress level because it engages the mind by helping one focus on what they are reading. Secondly, every book matters, and speed only grows as you read more frequently. Lastly, books will help you live the experiences of others while challenging and building your mental stamina. Above all, books will help you gain new knowledge that you can share with others. So the next time someone asks “how did you know that?” do not hesitate to introduce them to your source of information so they can discover more for themselves.



This article was written by Annete Wanjiru

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