Diljot Kaur Dhindsa, Diploma in Business Management.

“It is all planned out so why stress?” This is the mantra I am living by through this pandemic.

I chose to continue with online classes in order to avoid idleness and wasting time. Though I
have never been to Strathmore University before, I chose it because it is a well-established
institution known for its academic excellence. It was tough at the beginning because I would
sign in late for class and later would submit assignments. However, through the internet
bundles that the University has been giving us since the start of the semester, I am in a better
position to access my online classes smoothly and be a prompt student.

I have also created a study timetable which currently enables me to manage my time well and
avoid procrastination. I can only envisage meeting up with some of my friends in Strathmore.
In addition, I am ecstatically excited about attending classes at Strathmore physically and
interact with my classmates and lecturers face to face.
An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

Repeating the same activities daily is boring. Though I play the violin I have taken other quests
to break the monotony. I have been learning to stitch and bake. Both pursuits engage the mind
since one needs to be attentive lest you prick yourself or mix the wrong portions. In addition it
tests your patience and persistence which I believe are great skills to have. The pandemic may
linger for a while, but we need to work together closely in order to defeat a common enemy for
there is strength in unity. Let us try to connect with our friends by checking on them regularly.
Lastly, let us create new memories with our families as we enjoy our time together and
strengthen the family bond.” #staysafe #keeplearning #StrathmorePromise

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