Eileen Mogeni, Second Year, Financial Economics

My experience of spending lots of time indoors has made me discover so many ways of keeping myself occupied. I’ve discovered very many different ways of cooking different foods and I’ve also realized that I can write motivation speeches. 

One thing I’m using to help me cope with the situation is trying my best to enhance my computer skills since I am not really conversant with my computer.

This pandemic has taught me that nothing in the world is permanent except for God’s love, strength and support. Things can change overnight and even the greatest of nation’s can be brought to their knees with nowhere to look but to the skies.

Online classes are a wonderful way of keeping me on my toes and also a great way of keeping in touch with my classmates. They have enabled me to open mind to new ideas of how various activities can be easily conducted without having to be physically present. The only issue with the online classes is proper connectivity among all participants. Some students and lecturers may not be well connected to the net.

My daily routine: I wake up, take breakfast, do the usual house chores then attend my classes. And once my classes are over, I spend time with my family. I like making rice and many different stews: I especially like playing around with the rice… trying different combinations of spices to create the perfect dish.

Once this is over, I can’t wait to go on night strolls with my friends. Enjoying the lights and the fresh crisp air.

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