Elly Mugaisi, Diploma in Business Management

Ask God for it and stay patient; nothing is impossible.

Losing our dog “Yoski” to old age was a major challenge for me.  He was a buddy I had from childhood and his absence continues to echo. Life without “Yoski” will never be the same. It is said that dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we did not even know we had. I get more bored now but I am gradually working on discovering and developing other interests. For example, I now cook, read historical books and enjoy the joy mixing music brings.

My first visit to Strathmore University was last year December after receiving my KCSE results.  My choice to study here was partly influenced by my brother who is not only a stratizen but he also personally took the task of ensuring that I did the entry interviews. The main reason why I chose to take online studies was because I wanted to complete my course and the university offered me this platform.  In addition it is allowing me to continually learn new content, keep me engaged through course work, and to just enjoy the course of my choice.

Though learning online required self-discipline, I find myself being more patient with others. Also, I appreciate the strides I am making while working on the way forward. There has never been a time in my life when the freedom of movement and the liberty of being outdoors taken a second thought. Playing soccer with my friends and just hanging out with them is now a distant memory but as soon as things get back to normal I will enjoy it again. I would urge us to stay positive and to know that God is in control.

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