Gladys Nungari, Diploma in Business Management

My journey to Strathmore University began in my last year of high school after participating in a “Mathlete” competition sponsored by the University.  My passion for numbers secured me a scholarship to acquire the most competitive quality education. Though Chemistry was my favorite subject, I find Math to be easy and practical. My secret to understanding mathematics is to interpret the question and then lay down the steps on how to tackle it.

As I continue with my studies, I have chosen to live in the now; whatever will be, will be. The future is not ours to see so we need to live and enjoy the present because that is our gift from God.  Everyone is stressed, but I am finding ways to dissolve my dilemma by letting it all out. For example, talking to my mum, my true friends, going for a walk and writing poems of how I am feeling. This is helping me relieve the tension before it gets tangled in my innermost thoughts.

As the pandemic continues I am still holding on to the things that are most important to me. I am adapting by looking at the brighter side of life because this too shall come to pass. I focus on what is workable. For example, since I cannot visit most of my loved ones and friends I write them a text or video-call them.  In terms of my studies, I still find time management challenging. However, I am now better at following through my “to do list” than at the beginning of the semester. It does not matter how long the pandemic lasts, I have decided to take each day as a new beginning and refresh my present with more interactive and fun experiences in the comfort of my home.





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