Kevin Kinge, Masters of Management in Agribusiness

The online learning experience is inexpensive and extensive. The affordability is obviously due to the ease of learning in the location that you are with the bare minimum requirements which most likely you have; this is a smartphone or computer with an internet connection.  

They are extensive from the loads of content available and in most cases learning from an expert in the field through videos or live podcasts. Online courses or modules are short to offer specialized knowledge. 

I have enjoyed these conveniences, advanced my skills in short periods with the several certificates earned and many valuable courses specific to my needs. Having that we live in a digital age with billions of people connected to the internet today, access to online learning has become easily available. It’s now even more evident with the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic that this is the future of learning. With all schools closed for the next unforeseeable future. Billions globally will be forced to learn online. This is a clear indicator of what’s to come or what to expect in the future.

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