Kushkumar Patel, ACCA

Have gratitude and live in the present

For me, choosing to study online was not easy because there was continuous disruption from electronic gadgets around the house and the sporadic power cuts. However, it brought me a step closer to finishing my ACCA journey. Strathmore Institute Management and Technology made it worth the while. For example, the comprehensive positive approach to higher learning by the lecturers and the engagement of teamwork are some of the things I continue to enjoy during my lessons.  On the other hand, I have missed out on making new friends, walking around campus facilities, and hanging out with friends during breaks. 

What advice would you give those who wish to pursue ACCA?

The student should always ask questions as they take note of the key points. Secondly, they need to practice with questions frequently as it will help them get the hang of the course. At the beginning, I was afraid and lost focus because I did not know how to better understand the course. However, my desire to be a well-rounded accountant propelled me to peruse questions with my study partner and to seek guidance from friends who are also alumni of the university. In addition, I revise my lessons daily as this helps me comprehend the content better. To break the monotony of numbers, I engaged in learning to take captivating photos of nature and the basics of video editing.

What are you looking forward to after finishing your studies?                                                            

I would love to visit India as most of my family members are there.  I also look forward to enjoying the festivity season with family and friends as it is more fun and memorable. When things go back to normal, I will visit the temple freely and enjoy engaging in my favorite sport – cricket. Lastly, I will have opportunities to motivate others on living a worthwhile life while enjoying their present because the future is not known yet.

This article was written by Annete Karanja


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