Larry Chula, Bachelor of Laws

“My first-year experience at Strathmore University has been pleasant. I’ve had opportunities to grow and push myself with the courses as well as extracurricular activities offered. I felt welcomed during the first week, the orientation week. I found out that what the Dean of Students joked about as ‘Stress-more’ during the orientation, would be actualized in my studies because a month into the semester, the workload got intense; however, it’s nothing I haven’t been able to handle.

While pursuing law, one adapts to reading a plethora of articles the night before just so s/he can impress one’s favorite lecturer the day after by explaining Aquinas in relation to jurisprudence. One reason I like Strathmore is that the classes are compact, therefore learning is interactive albeit for one or two lectures that were difficult to sit through. But the lecturers are willing to help where they can. When students can’t reach them, the Graduate Assistants are equally as helpful.

The campus is green, modern, and getting around is easy. I personally like to hang out in the gazebos outside Sir Thomas More Building (STMB) before a morning class because it is calming and away from the hustle and bustle of the Student Centre. Although the University has diverse nationalities, I was surprised that almost everybody knows each other even if they didn’t go to the same high school. It is amazing to see most of them huddling together in little groups of friends.

One thing that I can say was substandard was the cultural day. It lacked the verve and pomp that I’ve known from being in different schools of such an event. All in all, Strathmore has certainly lived up to most of my expectations so far through my interactions with staff and even friends from different faculties that have made my experience pleasant. I hope it can only get better.”


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