Lynnet Mumbua Mutuku, Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

“Adjusting to the new normal has been the hardest part of this pandemic. Practicing social distancing, wearing masks, things that we thought were alien to us are now our new normal. As a social being, I can tell you it has not been the easiest of adjustments. As much as it has been a task, I had to adapt to the new norm. I had to develop a new routine to cope with the drastic changes all at once.

The first thing I worked on was my sleeping pattern. My days start at seven in the morning with a two hour walk to stay fit and active. After cleaning up, I read for four hours with thirty-minute breaks after the first two hours. I read and research on things that I initially had no time to research on. I educate myself on things that will become essential to me as an adult after graduation. Taxes, insurance, real estate, lifestyle diseases and so much more. After reading, I tend to my small garden. Gardening has been an amazing hobby that I have picked up. It relaxes my mind and helps me stay active.

The media has been a constant source of bad news. I have found myself inclined towards unplugging from my socials but at the same time I want to remain informed. Decreasing my screen time has positively impacted my mental health. However, I make sure I have lengthy conversations with my friends as we check up on each other and how we are all doing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is not the same as physical meet ups, but it will suffice till the pandemic is under control.

Lastly, having clean diets is important. Eating balanced meals with lots of vegetables and staying hydrated will boost your immunity. It will be hard at first, but healthy living is a habit that requires work and dedication. I do hope that this comes to an end but until then, stay safe and stay healthy. All the best! “

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