Marion Owino, Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

This period has taught me creativity. Not being able to dance with my fellow Dance club Stratizens physically does not mean we don’t dance at all. l have participated in online challenges on social media that need a lot of creativity and it’s fun to see what my peers come up with. I’m also learning new skills to keep myself busy and productive such as playing the piano and editing videos.

I always looked forward to weekends when l would be able to get a little extra hours of sleep and relax more but who knew l’d miss the early mornings and engaging in productive activities on campus?

This pandemic has certainly brought forth the true meaning of the phrase “prevention is better than cure”. One thing I’ve learnt is that we are all vulnerable, it doesn’t matter the race, ethnicity or nationality but United we will come out stronger. I believe the world will definitely change after this , shaking hands will NEVER be the same again for a fact. We will all have a story to tell and a lesson learnt such as the importance of proper hygiene and following instructions.

Being a future diplomat l am also keen on following how other diplomats are handling their nationals who are in foreign countries and making sure their rights and safety are observed.

I look forward to a brighter tomorrow, where my colleagues and l will be able to finish our exams and resume our normal on campus class routine.   

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