Pankaj Varsani, 4th year Bachelor of Commerce student

I was interning with one of the big companies when I heard the news. Universities were closing down and Strathmore University followed suit; we now had to learn from home. I was already tackling between my evening classes and my internship so I didn’t have to wait to start learning from home.

Honestly, it wasn’t exciting when I first heard about it. “Holidays” were already long and as an extrovert, I disliked the idea of staying and learning from home.

On the contrary, staying at home changed my mind. Spending lots of time indoors meant spending a great load of time with my family and finishing a few tasks I never got the time for.: workouts, reading novels, learning new things online and a lot more.

It was exciting when I heard we are starting online classes. I always opted for online classes as technology is advancing and changing the world. I got to share everything I knew using the applications used for online classes to my classmates and friends.

This pandemic has taught me never to take things for granted and that a small mistake can cost thousands of lives. It has taught us the need to carry out good hygiene practices which have been done worldwide and keeping clean wherever possible, however such things always come with a cost. The whole world is facing the costs of it!

With this said, let’s all stay safe, stay indoors, wash our hands regularly even when at home, disinfect areas we’ve been using frequently and wear protective gear in case we need to go out. #STAYHOME #STAYSAFE”

One thing I look forward to doing once this is over? Sleeping peacefully one last time! I know I’ll have less to no time for sleep once this is over. There are a lot of activities and workshops to attend and organize after this as I like to keep myself busy.

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