Sara Musomba, CPA, Section 4

First when I heard about the school closing because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I was happy. Right now, I miss the normal life I had. I miss living without fear. I miss being out, talking to people one on one… My experience being indoors during the first week was all relaxed but I realized that I wouldn’t get this time I am wasting back. I then made some changes.

I now wake up early as I would at any normal day, pray and get ready for the day. At 8.00 am, I start working on my job till 5.30 pm when I login to e-learning and check for assignments and notes that have been uploaded or login to our zoom classes depending on which day of the week it is.

The online classes are actually interactive, especially the first time we did our zoom class; everyone was fascinated about this new thing. Our lecturers are constantly updating assignments and notes via e-learning; this makes me feel accommodated by Strathmore. The challenge I am experiencing is on my Mathematical unit where the online platform isn’t as effective.

Since I have extra free time in between the days, I signed up an online Spanish class. At the end of this, I can boast of a new skill.

When this is all over? Oh my! I look forward to deeply appreciating life itself, everyone and everything around me, living to the fullest in a purposely way and enjoying each minute, each day better.

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