Shammah Maina

Miss Rona came to visit and that means that we all must do our part and stay indoors. At first, this seemed easy because I was under the assumption that it would not last for too long but after the second week and with the numbers of cases rising, the realization that the situation might linger for a while dawned on me. 

The self-proclaimed introverts found out that their normal lifestyle is called ‘quarantine’. My new routine slowly morphed into eating, sleeping and repeating the process. Though this did not last long, since this 3-step routine slowly began to drive me crazy. So now on most days I wake up relatively early and get ready for the day since lounging around in my pajamas is longer appealing. I then enjoy my breakfast outside followed by moments of devotion and meditation or listening to music. From here onwards, each day is different, some days are spent watching Netflix, others taking photos, but one thing I try to keep constant is an afternoon walk with my sister.

During this time, I had to adopt certain coping mechanisms because, after a while, having nowhere to go and nothing to do can chip away at one’s sanity. I have never been much of a reader but now with the extra time on my hands, I decided to change that by learning how to read for enjoyment. Moreover, I love photography, so I decided to learn new skills and advance in areas such as portrait shots. Together with my sister, we try new recipes since we both love cooking and eating, thereby combining both our favorite activities.

One thing the pandemic has taught me is that we are extremely social creatures that love to stay connected. With social distancing, we find ourselves trying to be close through any means possible. After all this is said and done, and the pandemic is no longer upon us, I am looking forward to going about life without worrying about maintaining a meter’s distance whenever I am outdoors. Plus, visiting my family and friends and being able to extend a hand or hug. Though the measures we must  make at the moment are temporary, all we can do is pray and have faith that this too will pass.

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