Karan Saini, Diploma in Business Management

She left peacefully but I was left in pieces

2020 was the most challenging year of my life. It began positively and then took a downward trajectory. My grandmother, the backbone of my life, passed away. She left this world in peace but I was left in pieces. She raised me and continues to be my hero.  Despite her absence, I chose to channel my energy to what improves my future because she would love that.  Joining Strathmore at such a challenging time was not easy but I am glad I did it. Though my classes were online, I felt welcomed as a Stratizen and looked forward to virtual campus events such as the karaoke night. 2020 may have tried to knock me down but I rose to be stronger than ever and remain optimistic about what awaits me.

Running a business is a journey

My experience in running businesses started when I was in high school. It began with selling sweets to my fellow school mates. I did not only buy the cheapest ones but I made sure they were tasty. At around lunchtime when half the students were feeling sleepy from the heavy lunch, I would begin my sales. The sweets would be consumed in minutes but my generosity also ran my venture out. From this, I learned in business that you recognize the problem and create a product or service to fill in the gap. Currently, I am in a team where we train dogs. In this I am learning to work with others, being immersed in the diversity of customer needs, and above all my patience is being tested because dogs don’t verbalize, you need to take the time to study them and train them over and over.

Diversity in course units is remarkable.

To excel one needs to get a good foundation from the get-go. The Diploma in Business Management at the Strathmore Institute is a stepping stone that is offering me endless options to consider in my ongoing studies. The course not only contains interesting units but also its diversity is enabling me to gain exposure to the different paths that I can take when studying business. The ability to apply what we learn practically allows me to understand and appreciate my area of study. Also, I am keen to keep learning and developing a balance between my education and everyday life.  I already thought I dreamt big but here in Strathmore, I have to dream bigger.

2020 was a year to forget. A true test to humanity. However, in 2021, I chose to be optimistic. Optimism allows one to see they are of value despite the ups and downs of life. An open mind allows one to cope with stresses positively.  When you are full of hope it helps others emulate or want to be part of your circle. The light you shine floods their lives and allows them to celebrate their present. That connects us more like brothers and sisters making a greater global community. Above all, as individuals, we need to remember that optimism is not a mindset but behavior that we have to learn and relearn in our life journeys.


This article was written by Annete Wanjiru

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