If it doesn’t challenge you it does not change you

My decision to return to Strathmore University to pursue the Chartered Financial Analyst certification was a relatively easy decision for me. The quality of education offered during my undergraduate was great. In addition, it allows me to enhance my prior degree (Bachelor of Business Science: Financial Economics) in an environment that has been tested by other stratizens in the job market today.  

I continued with the online studies because there was still a lot of value to be gained from doing so. The determination shown by our lecturers to make our programme continue regardless of the climate is also admirable and matches the interest I have in completing my studies.  Having been a little skeptical at first over how effective sessions would be on Zoom or Google Meets, our lecturers were able to navigate the challenges through the use of mock exams, quizzes and Kahoot. To an extent I enjoy online learning as it cultivates a strong sense of self-discipline if the right mentality and attitude is adopted.

Over the quarantine, I have been up-skilling my financial modeling skills in an effort to reinforce my practical understanding of financial analysis.  My exams are on December 5th 2020, but I intend to finish the entire curriculum a month before by reading ahead and practice the questions on a daily basis to ensure I am well prepared. To break from books I spice up my culinary skills through YouTube or catch a few shows on Netflix.

My advice to my fellow students is that they should actively engage in clubs, societies and a sport if possible. There are a lot of things that class work will not tell you about life. For example, learning how to be a team player and cultivating interpersonal skills.  Secondly, be original. A lot of people focus on how to perfectly emulate other people and in the process, they lose their identity. I believe that the world needs creativity and innovation and a big part of this is found through self-expression.  Emulate virtues that strengthen your character and learn from your mistakes. For example, I am constantly trying new things even if they do not work at first.  I believe there is a lesson to be learned from trying something and nothing to be learned from not doing anything at all.

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