We Were Made to Thrive

Our brains as human beings are naturally wired to deal with expected outcomes as we face different circumstances in life. They cushion us from the hard and fast blows of reality. It is one thing, to come to terms with what you expected out of a situation no matter how negative the outcome proves to be, it is a whole other thing to deal with what you never thought was possible in the natural world. This, my friends, is processed in the human brain as a shock. Getting over a shocking situation is not an easy task. Who would ever have thought that a scourge such as the one we are currently facing, could bring the world as we know it to its knees? 

Apart from the countless lives that have been lost, our sense of normalcy as we know it has been completely turned upside down. We now realize the value of the little things that make life what it is. A friendly hello here and there, gatherings with friends, colleagues and loved ones, the once close association that glued us together as society is no longer. Yet as the remnants of this current reality we must in the very least strive to survive or better yet to thrive.  We owe it to all those who have been impacted negatively in one way or another by the brutal fate of the pandemic. As is human nature, we must learn to adapt. 

May it be known that although the magnitude of the COVID19 pandemic is much larger in this instance, it is not the first of its kind. In the era of the 1900s, those that preceded us faced a similar tragedy, and yet they made it through. Let us look to this occurrence as a necessary evil, one that slowed life down and made us realize that nothing is certain. That we must live each day as though it is our last, that we must cherish community and love. That we must stir our creative juices so as to build solutions for the emerging issues that are as a result of all that has plagued the world. That we must do all that it takes for us to survive and only through that will we be able to thrive.

This article was written by Christine Sumi.

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