Linet Wanjiku, Bachelor of Business Information Technology

My twin sister and I joined Strathmore University in April 2020. I am in the Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT) class while she took Bachelor of Business Science in Financial Engineering. We have an older brother in the Bachelor of Commerce class.

Starting my university learning journey online has been quite convenient because there is no need to travel, exams are done home, and it is quite safe since they are no external dangers. Study notes are accessible from home and are very efficient. Strathmore lecturers are very engaging therefore enhancing our understanding of the concepts.

The unexpected shift to learning through online platforms has seen some fears in me because sometimes there is power outage during class hence, I miss out on the lecture. It’s stressful to miss part of a class and have to listen to the recording later. Both my siblings would have exams yet there is no power. You can imagine the stress that comes with having to use plan B. Other times I miss out on the lecture when the internet is too slow hence logging in and off of the zoom lecture. I was also uncertain about the exams and how they would be set and conducted.

Even after having all the screen fatigue, it is my passion to learn BBIT that has kept me going through this first semester. Furthermore, I know I have an opportunity that not many people have, and not all schools are having online classes. To let off steam and relax from screen fatigue, I play football with my siblings and spend some time on Netflix.

I am passionionate about both business and IT. This keeps me going when things are tough. I’ve joined the Strathmore University Information Technology Student Association (SUITSA), a club that suits my career choice. I love sports. I’ve played hockey, handball, and Taekwondo in my earlier school days. I’m going to sign up for the hockey and karate teams once we are able to be on campus. I’d like to join and participate in all the clubs I am interested in and also meet and interact with my friends and lecturers on campus.


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