Ngendo Njogo, BCOM: Finance and Marketing, 3rd Year

I was on holiday waiting to come back and start the new semester. Then schools shut down. First we were all happy but I wasn’t. I had been on holiday since November and now it has been extended indefinitely. I was really looking forward to starting classes again, to see my friends and go back to life full of activities. I didn’t think a virus would cause an effect of the magnitude it has to the whole world, let alone our country.

Spending this amount of time indoors was completely new to me. Days would be very slow and unproductive. I was rarely at home except in the evenings because that is where I stay. I now realize how eventful my life was and how little I would stay at home and spend time with my family. But I also miss the club activities; Chorale, khweva practice, visiting people and just going places. It has been a challenge yet good experience.

With all this time I have, I try as much as possible to utilize it well. I enrolled in a short course for Nutrition as well as First Aid, learnt new choreographies, took part in writing a song, watching movies and essentially spending more time with my siblings. The one thing I’ve done to cope with the situation is ensuring cleanliness in the house.

This time has made me realize how busy we are that we rarely recognize small things or the people we have around us. Most importantly, we don’t pray as much. Once these problems started we all started praying and asking God to help us but before, we did not talk to Him as much. This is not right. We should always talk to God regardless of the situation.

I’m excited that we will still get to learn even though we aren’t going to school physically. We have not started yet but I’m sure it will be okay. The process may have its good and weak times but I’m sure it will go all right. Before experiencing the online class, I think the best thing would be learning and not only the content of our units but also technologically which may help us later on in life.

A typical day for me would start at about 7, start the class for the short courses at about 8 and end by 12, have lunch then begin the choreographies until about 4, watch a movie till maybe 6 then chill with my siblings, watch news with our parents. If we all have psyche, we watch a movie then sleep by 1.

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