Naeem Yusuf, Bachelor of Laws

“Studying at Strathmore University (SU) has been an explorative experience. After finishing my A level exams in June, I had three weeks to apply to SU. This was one of the hardest periods of my life because I understood how beneficial it was for me to have a law degree from Strathmore University

My transition from high school to Strathmore was smooth because of the classes and lectures we had. Sitting in a lecture room filled with around 80 people was intimidating at first, but I quickly became comfortable in my new environment because of the interactive classes we had. It is through those classes that I was able to make my first friends in SU.

My friends and I have had a shared number of amazing experiences, from the nerve-wracking class presentations to the countless hours spent in the law library reading for an exam. We’ve always had each other as we make our journey through SU and into the world. 

Another advantage of studying at Strathmore University is that there are many extracurricular activities. At first, I was anxious to find one for me but as soon as I heard about the Strathmore Law Clinic, I knew I wanted to get involved. I eventually made it into the clinic as a junior clinician and the work we’ve been doing has not only helped me academically but also pushed me out of my comfort zone and into new experiences. 

 I believe SU exposes me to experiences that I will eventually need in my career.”


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